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Who is Pulsar?

Pulsar Hydraulics is a privately held, Canadian company specializing in hydraulic hose, fittings, quick couplings, and adapters. We carry large inventories to support our distributors and hose assembly specialists that keep our industry moving. You will find Pulsar hydraulic hoses controlling fluid power in many diverse applications including air seeding and harvesting, oil pumping and well servicing, injection molding machines, as well as excavators, trucks, and heavy machinery.

Why choose Pulsar? We offer a versatile fittings range with a wide range of threads to accommodate every OEM and aftermarket application. Our one-piece stem and adapters designs eliminate the risk of failures from weak or incomplete brazed connections and our ferrules have sharp teeth to bite through the rubber cover and create a metal to metal bond between coupling and hose. Finally, we offer adjustable crimpers, which allows you to crimp any fitting in an emergency.