Technical Information

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Hydraulic Hose Assembly Instructions

Technical Charts & General Information

Pulsar Crimper Manuals

3000 & 3500 Series Reusable Couplings

Pulsar Hydraulics Safety Bulletins

J67EL Hydraulic Crimper Manual

4000 Series Teflon® Hose Crimp Couplings

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Installation Guide

H135EL Hydraulic Crimper Manual

4100 Series Teflon® Hose Reusable Couplings

Hydraulic Fittings Thread Guide

D105M 35 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Manual

4200, 4400, 4500, 4600 & 4700 One-Piece Crimp Couplings

Hydraulic Hose Overview & Selection Guide

D165M 65 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Manual

5000 Series Two-Piece Crimp Couplings

Thread Pressure Ratings & Flow Charts

D205M 80 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Manual

8600 Series Two-Piece Crimp Couplings

Hydraulic Quick Coupling Interchange Guide

P20 Hydraulic Crimper Manual

AS568 O-Ring Dimensions

Finn-Power P Model Crimper Manuals

Pulsar Hydraulic Oil Compatibility Chart

Finn-Power FP Model Crimper Manuals

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